Free/cheap and easy access resources for game jammers


▫️ Advice for new jammers and reminders for experienced jammers – by narF

▫️ We have a variety of simple and short workshops archived on our website, many teaching the applications listed below.

Game Engines

▫️ Twine ( Open source, free tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories online. It is very easy to use and requires no coding knowledge.

▫️ Ink/Inky ( Free, open source editor and scripting language for creating branching narratives.

▫️ Ren’py ( Open source, free Python-based visual novel engine.

▫️ Stencyl ( Create games without code. 

▫️ GameMaker ( Mostly drag-and-drop game creator, with features allowing for more complex mechanics with some basic programming.

▫️ Construct 3 ( Browser-based 2d game editor with a robust free version.

▫️ Bitsy ( Free browser-based pixel art game editor

▫️ Bitsy 3d ( Bitsy, but in 3d!

▫️ GB Studio ( A quick and easy to use drag and drop retro game creator, whose games can be exported to HTML or ROM images.

▫️ Adventuron ( Free browser-based Adventure-game maker with tons of documentation and examples.

▫️ Godot ( Free and open source game engine with 2D and 3D capabilities, powerful sprite animation, and tons of documentation.


▫️ PyxelEdit ( Free pixel art editor.

▫️ Piskel ( Free, open-source pixel art tool with animation support.

▫️ Paint of Persia ( Rotoscoping tool for pixel art.

▫️ Aseprite ( Cheap and powerful sprite animator and drawing platform.

▫️ Blender ( Free and open-source 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, and compositing tool.

▫️ Dither Me This ( Super neat tool for dithering images in a variety of different styles.


▫️ Audacity ( Free audio editing tool.

▫️ Tux Guitar ( Free and open-source tablature editor.

▫️ Otomata ( Free generative music sequencer.

▫️ Bfxr ( Free browser-based sound effect creation tool.

▫️ BeepBox ( Free browser-based chiptune music tool.

▫️ Freesound ( A collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.