Austin works on designing, prototyping, and developing game features. Always happy to make conversation, he loves to get to know people and hear what they’re passionate about. Most of his free time is spent either playing games, or tinkering with side projects.
SKILLS: Game Design, Unity, Unreal 4, C# , C++ , Java


Colin is a games programmer by trade, who has worked on all ranges of projects, from AAA titles like Watch_Dogs for Ubisoft to indie titles like Darkest Dungeon 1 and 2. He’s also released his own game titled Data Defense and is now working on a whole new indie title! On his free time, Colin enjoys gardening, board gaming, clear ice and banana ice cream!
SKILLS: Unity, Programming (C++, C#, general programming), Game design, Game jams


“Hi there, my name is Eline and I’m working as a procedural tech artist for EA Motive. Before starting on my current project, Iron Man, I worked on Dead Space, which is about to be shipped. Before joining EA I was a technical content creator in the Apple verse, but making games is so much nicer 😊.

This will be my first gamejam so I’m just as excited as all of you are. Just don’t hesitate to ask me anything, that’s what I’m there for! “
SKILLS: Procedural 3D modelling, Tech art, Houdini, Coding (VEX, C++, C#, Python), End to End Automation, Thin AI clients, Performance optimization, Project Management


Elisabeth (they/she) is the founder and narrative director of Studio Lazulite – a Montreal transmedia studio nurturing an equitable world through story and offering narrative support to five indie games. Along with over a decade of storytelling and production experience, they bring a unique cross-disciplinary creative portfolio to the table including: arts management, DEI advocacy, fundraising, marketing, fine art and photography, and experimental filmmaking. They currently represent Women in Games as an Ambassador; ADP List as a Narrative Design Mentor; Safe In Our World as an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Accessibility and Stakeholder Engagement Committee (DASEC) Lay Member; SFWA Accessibility Committee Member; IGDA Global Mentorship Program as a Creative Leadership Mentor (including the GDC Mentor Cafe and the devcom/gamescom Cologne Growth Program).
SKILLS: English fluency Game, Narrative, Level Design (Tools: Ink and Twine, Unity and Godot), 2D Art, spritesheets, animation (Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Aesprite) Audio and Music Design (Tools: Audacity) Sourcing assets, creative commons resources Production management and scope (Tools: Miro, Notion, Trello, ClickUp) Sensitivity Consulting (Gender minorities – nonbinary, woman; and Disability – autism, anxiety, depression) Mentoring (IGDA Global mentorship program – GDC and devcom/gamescom, ADPList Narrative Design mentor) GameJammer (participated in several jams including GAMERella 2022)”


Hope Erin Phillips is a programmer & flowchart enthusiast working at KO_OP with a background in interactive art and a focus on gender, queerness, wonder, and nature.


Dr. Jess Rowan Marcotte (they/them) is a queer mixed white-passing Mi’kmaw game designer, writer, maker and researcher. Their work focuses on interactive experiences of all sorts, including interactive installations, larps, tabletop games, alt control/hybrid games, video games, and more. They are the lead co-organizer of the Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon) and one-third of Soft Chaos, a worker’s co-op that designs intimate, vulnerable interactive experiences. As a consultant game designer, they have worked with a wide variety of clients, including UNHCR Innovation Services and WHO Academy. Their most recent solo work includes TRACES, a hybrid game about trans experiences and time travel, and UNLOCK. UNPACK., exploring carry-on suitcases, puzzles, and written messages as tools for creating intimacy between strangers who may never meet face to face.
SKILLS: Game design, game scope, game writing, 2D pixel art, Sketchup 3D modeling, Construct 2 (and probably 3), Twine, Tracery, basic JavaScript, Makey-Makey and Arduinos, physical crafting, alt controllers, sewing, basic sound editing in Audacity, sound libraries, sound recording


Game designer at Ludia by day. Internet-curious game maker by night. But games aren’t everything: let’s talk about growing plants, yoga, podcasting, green tech and resisting against Google, Facebook and Amazon!
SKILLS: Construct (2 and 3), Bitsy, Twine, Node / npm, Git, Making chat-bots for Discord, Mastodon, etc.


Nicole studied Computer Science at Concordia and worked at Ubisoft as an AI and Gameplay Programmer for a year. She recently started an indie studio with her husband, and they will be releasing their first Steam game this December! Her philosophy is that games should be fun and chill for everyone, and should generally be as accessible as possible in both design and price. When not making games she can be found studying Japanese, petting her 3 cats, playing board games, or making tasty vegan treats.
SKILLS: Game design and scope, Unity, Programming (C#, C++, Java), Aseprite


Owen is an undergraduate student in Concordia’s Computation Arts Major program, who’s passion for small projects is evident by the trail of chopped-up and discarded web experiments, small games, and general musings that lie in his wake. His interests lie squarely on the intersection between whimsicality, unorthodoxy, and technicality in games and other interactive media. One can often find Owen’s artistic and programming sides at viscous war with each other, and with no clear winner in sight.


My name is Régis Geoffrion. I am a veteran game producer. I have worked on a multitude of games on console and mobile. I am currently a senior producer at Maxis, a division of Electronic Arts. I hope I can help jammers build a fun game and learn new skills😊 SKILLS: Unreal Engine 5, blueprint, Unity programming in C sharp, Mobile games (market, competition, risks, monetization, and more), Project Management best practices.


Hi! I’m Eleri (she/her), and I’m a data analyst at Electronic Arts on the Playtesting Team. I recruit players to test our games, then record and analyse their feedback! I graduated from uOttawa with a BcS in Statistics. I moved to Montreal in January of this year 😊 My hobbies include playing pool, natural wine bars, oysters, reality tv, call of duty zombies, knitting, and being outside !

SKILLS: Data analysis, storytelling and visualization. Player feedback and research


I work as a Software Developer in Test at EA Motive and have experience using Unity engine to make games on my free time.

SKILLS: Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, Blueprints System, C#, Python, QA – automated testing and general game testing


Richard is the CEO and Creative Director of Clever Endeavour Games. Apart from steering the ship, he does game design and helps out with marketing, art, and audio. His experience as an advisor to the Kowloon Nights fund and as a judge on IGF panels has helped him analyze games and game pitches and improve his own skills.

SKILLS: Game design, Unity (limited scripting), Audio (basic composition and sound design), Other: business, pitching, legal, HR, management