Stuttgarter Videostickers (2006)

transmedia installation
locative cellphone interface and street art project for the
Württembergischer Kunstverein
Stuttgart, Germany

The project Stuttgarter VideoStickers lets the viewer discover hidden layers of the city and shows the influence of major sport and cultural events as the “City Spectacle” workshop in the urban landscape.

The project uses videos as a way to link artistic messages to certain locations, which explore the mechanisms and the effects of spectacularization of cultural and social life in the city.

VideoStickers is an international public art project which can be read as an expansion of Lefebvre’s notions which he developed in ‘The Production of Space’.

The basics for the project are stickers, a video blog (vlog) and the urban environment. I placed uniquely coded stickers and shot videos at the same place than uploaded the videos and the places og the stickers to the vlog-map.

The video messages range from historical context and developing the image of the city (tourism, social life, etc.) to events that impact on me personally, during the workshop, like the unexpected political events in Hungary that occur during the workshop.

Collaborator: Lena Kutuvolgyi