Prism (2024)

Have you heard of a beige rainbow?

The quaint beige world of Miranda is shaken by a twist of fate in Prism, a visually striking short film exploring ‘otherness,’ marginalization, and queer identities amid social pressure.

A visual exploration of a young woman bursting from her beige cocoon and embracing her queer identity for the first time. Prism is a short but visually striking experimental fiction short film, exploring ‘otherness,’ marginalization and queer identities in the context of social pressure. In a hyper-sexual world, there are very few movies exploring what it feels like to be on the asexual spectrum. Director Gina Hara sets out to create refreshingly unique asexual representation on the silver screen, while taking inspiration from movies by Maya Deren and Roy Andresson.


Briar Knowles – Miranda
Gina Hara – Writer & Director
Hans Bobanovits – Director of Photography
Bruno-Pierre Houle – Production Designer
Cailleah Scott-Grimes – Editor
Christian Olsen – Original Music


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