Waning (2011)

short experimental fiction
8 mins, s16, color

Waning by Haraszti

Waning investigates the questions of memory and death through the use of multiple layers of canted angles in one stationary shot. Layer upon layer builds up as Haraszti delivers the source, and the horror of the opening shot.

She is captured, possessed and framed by a white border, her face will only exist in photos from this point forward. As the film progresses the viewer’s focus becomes more strained as varied layers of the story are laid out before her in varied ordered. As the memory repeats itself over and over again the order in which we remember will change. What was the truth, does it remain? Did you say the right thing at the right time or have your memories replaced the truth with your perceived reality? /Tim Smith/

Directed by: Gina Haraszti
Cast: Madeleine Thompson, Roch Thibault
Stills by Craig Knox

This film is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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