Some of my most talented friends are on a website called Patreon. It’s basically a Kickstarter, but instead of giving one big sum of money you give $1-5 every month. If there are enough patrons, the artist gets a pretty decent salary and can focus on creative work. I think it’s a genius website and just like any other creative person I dream of one day living off of my film/art work.

So after some hesitation I created my own page. It is harder than it seams. You try to be cool and nice and YOURSELF, but at the same time it is important that you communicate your best attributes, achievements and hopes to your supporter, or possible supporters.

I haven’t made a ‘welcome’ video yet, but I will update it soon. That is a great source of stress for a filmmaker. ^_^

Find my page here:

And if you can also support my friends:


Thank you everyone who has supported me!
Please check out your name on my support page!

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