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Kyle Gustafson
Kyle is a theoretical physicist. His recent research focuses on data-driven modelling of stochastic properties of gene regulation, especially in circadian control of mammalian transcriptomes. Kyle’s hobbies include theater, slow food, most flavors of music, and travel.
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Samantha Hookway
Samantha Hookway is an American born artist and illustrator who lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden with her husband, Nils and their cat Louis. She is also currently working on a Masters in Business and Design at HDK, University of Gothenburg. Feel free to contact her if you have any further inquiries.
Samantha’s works 

Carolyn Jong
Carolyn Jong is a graduate student in the interdisciplinary Humanities PhD program at Concordia University, where she studies modding, immaterial labour, and participatory culture. As a member of the Technoculture, Art, and Games Research Centre, she has been involved in projects exploring learning and gestural games, moral decision-making in digital role-playing games, and intersectionality in gaming cultures. She has also worked on several independent game projects, and is an active participant in Montreal’s indie games community.
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Ameesha Joshi
A documentary filmmaker, currently co-directing With This Ring, a film about the Indian women’s boxing team.
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Gersande La Flèche
Gersande is a Brezhoneg Celtic – mestizo Colombian human who likes to write, code, and walk in forests. They sometimes jump into the ocean when it’s raining out.
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Gersande’s works

Colin J. MacDougall
Senior Game Developer at Double Stallion Games
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Jessica Rose Marcotte
Jess is a writer and gamemaker who blogs, edits, and does social media for money. She is the managing editor of Matrix Magazine, where she also has a games’ column, she is a gamemaker, editor and 3D-printer whisperer at TAG Research Lab, and a member of the GOTY gamemaking collective. Her own games are released under the JEKA GAMES name, which is also the name of her games’ writing blog with TAG. She has a Master’s in Creative Writing.
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Kian-Peng Ong / Bin
Kian Peng Ong, is a media artist born and based in Singapore. As a media artist, his works takes on multiple forms, ranging from audiovisual performances to media installations. He is interested in nature, audiovisual and our perceptual apparatus; often resulting in works with a strong computational and DIY electronic presence.
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Bin’s works 

William Robinson
He is currently a PhD Candidate in the Humanities Program where his research focuses on materiality, game studies, player creativity, digital labour and aesthetic analytic philosophy. He currently works under the auspices of the Research Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games. His burgeoning art practice involves designing experimental boardgames which generate procedural narratives from strategic play.
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Tuuli Saarinen
Finnish game and level designer with a passion for narrative design and good user flow.
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Alexia Shaka Desnoyers
Shark fanatic, trans, sharkpunk’ *chomp*. Foody, web developer, musician (when I have time…) Computer science student.
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Kalervo Sinervo
He is currently a PhD student in the Humanities program at Concordia University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, where he explores questions relating to digital materiality and differential media. In addition to media theory, he is interested in comics, detective fiction, social, puzzle, and adventure games, and the general debris of pop culture.
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Zach Soares
Zach develops video games and voxel art full-time while managing various small projects. With a degree in Urban Planning he most enjoys creating beautiful interactive environments.
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Zach’s works 

Ida Toft
Ida Marie Toft is a Copenhagen/Montreal based media artist and PhD student at Concordia. Toft creates site specific games, and develops platforms and hardware that allows for a different types of games that happens in unusual game contexts. As an active member of the Copenhagen Game Collective she works to support and create an environment for experimental game production in Copenhagen and beyond.
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Seth Werkheiser
(Loud) music + editorially-focused internet nerd.
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