GEEK GIRLS in 2018

2018 has been an amazing year for my film Geek Girls (2017). In January we had our cinema release across Canada. Geek Girls screened in three cities: Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver. The screenings were hosted by the Canadian Cinematheque theatre chain.

In the spring, we continued our festival tour. Among many other, I had the pleasure to attend the Cleveland International Film Festival, where the film screened a whopping three times and was nominated for several awards.

The summer marked the release of our limited edition DVD batch. Created by Women Make Movies, the film’s wonderful US distributor, the DVD is now available for purchase by educational institutions and libraries.

In the fall, I was invited to New Zealand to join the film for its NZ premiere. It was a extraordinary experience, especially learning that the film has fans literally all across the world.

Geek Girls has had the honour to be featured by many other festivals around the world this year. The film traveled from Scotland to Toronto, from Philadelphia to New Zealand. Wonderful audiences came to see all of our screenings, and I had the chance to meet many of you. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Meeting you is really the moment what makes filmmaking to be worth it.

Special thanks to everyone, who supported the film: to all the programmers, community organizers and educators who have been championing Geek Girls all this time. I am immensely grateful for all the support and kindness that so many of you have shown towards the film. It is no exaggeration to say, that it wouldn’t have been possible without you. 💕








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