Your Place or Minecraft? in the Media

Your Place or Minecraft? is the first Minecraft documentary web series ever made and details one of the world’s most modded Minecraft servers. Each of the eight episodes follows a different player from the server as they discuss their experiences as both players and game scholars. The documentary explores the politics and relationships of the game’s infinite, randomly generated space, as they take place both in and out of game.

Below you can find some of the mentions in the press:

Your Place or Minecraft brings up critical conversations about gender, politics, ethics, and space, but it never provides just one truth. It is up to the viewer to break apart the different perspectives and construct their own narrative—to become an active player in the story.”
– Eileen Mary Holowka for Milieux | March 6th 2017

“Using film as a way of capturing this fabricated utopia”
– Mariko McDonald for | September 19, 2016

“It really hit me while I was watching the series that, wow, you could live there if you wanted.”
– Pierre Olivier for Girls on Games | August 12th 2016

“Hilarious and Thought Provoking.”
– Gamerwife on Twitter | August 6th 2016

“I died a bunch of times! I walked off ledges because I was trying to get the perfect shot, or I stepped in lava, also again to try and get that shot.”
– Gina Hara for Girls on Games  | August 1th 2016

For more info, check out the series’ website: 

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