Your Place or Minecraft? (2016)

Your Place or Minecraft? is a machinima documentary webseries that follows the virtual lives of a handful academics playing Minecraft together. An online adventure of fun, smarts and drama.

The show takes place in the virtual land of the ‘mLab server,’ one of the most modded Minecraft servers in the world. But what makes it really special is that it is owned by academic game research centres of Concordia University where the players—students and professors—all work together in real life. Their real life friendships, objectives and conflicts result in fascinating, self-reflexive and sometimes explosive gameplay.

Visit the website for the full experience:

“Hilarious and Thought Provoking.”
     – Gamerwife (

“Your Place or Minecraft brings up critical conversations about gender, politics, ethics, and space, but it never provides just one truth. It is up to the viewer to break apart the different perspectives and construct their own narrative—to become an active player in the story.”
     – Eileen Holowka (

     – The 7th Matrix (

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