REI (2015)

short fiction
16mins, RED4K, color

REI is currently available to watch on Seed&Spark.

REI tells the story of a shut-in, a depressed young woman who cannot bring herself to leave her apartment. She gradually loses contact not just with the outside world, but with reality itself. Upcoming talent Amélie Robitaille gives an stunning performance as the young recluse.

When somebody you really love dies, you also die in a way, not literally, but spiritually. The main character is so dependent on her parents, that she cannot continue her life after their death. She locks herself up in this memory bubble, the house, where she can pretend that her parents could come home any minute. She never touches her parents’ stuff, expecting their return. Not being able to continue with her own life, she starts a virtual one. She watches films and plays games all the time to avoid being alone with her thoughts. She tries to forget her whole existence to get rid of the pain, collapsing her identity into her inner world.

CAST – Amélie Robitaille
CINEMATOGRAPHY – Santiago Menghini
MUSIC – Christopher Olsen
EDITING – Karim Haroun

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