augmented phone guide
developed at Kitchen Budapest
colaborators: Dániel Feles, Péter Halácsy, Gina Haraszti, Milán Korsós, Krisztián Kristóf, András Szalai, Tamás Kovács Budha, Zoltán Kőhalmi
Budapest, Hungary

This augmented app tries to preserve the geographically well defined subcultures of Budapest in a world of ubiquity and globalization. With the help of well-known Hungarian stand-up comedian Zoltan Kohalmi, and internationally acclaimed street artist, Tamas Kovacs Budha this tool helps you re-discover the fading phenomenon of the ‘hood.

Tamás Kovács Budha with one of his paintings in Budapest

MoVIA aims at creating a mobile application that is a personal and unique guide for touring the city of Budapest. While you cruise through the city, this product will enable you to watch videos about the local’s subculture. The videos are only accessible on the location and allow for “tagging” in both online and the street art meaning.

A professional interdisciplinary team worked together to create high production quality videos with a cutting edge programming exploiting the converging media’s possibilities on current mobile technology. The demoas completed in 2008 and consisted of the software prototype built for a Nokia N95, the only phone with Flash Lite 3 at the time; and 40-50 pieces of 2-3 seconds long videos, 15-20 short videos and a few long ones.