Waning in Budapest

Between 13-21 April 2012 Budapest presents for the 19th time the programme of its international film festival: Titanic. It is the film festival that has surprised Hungarian audiences in the past with the works of cinema from all over the world. Its programme has always been a firm point on the city’s cultural landscape, while always trying to change and to reflect on the latest trends in world cinema.

This year Waning is being screened, accompanying a feature film on the 14th and 20th of April in the Örökmozgó Filmmuseum. I have been a huge fan of this festival for over a decade. It also presented a great opportunity to visit home. Fantastic audience and filmmakers welcomed me back. Thank you everyone, especially Balazs Vizer, György Horváth and Bea Kallos for their amazing support and great company!

Festival catalogue:

Here are some of the articles about Waning and the festival:

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