interactive audio puzzle game & installation
Place des Festivals
Montreal, Canada

“Place des Alts” is an immersive and narrative experience designed by a team of researchers specialized in writing, interaction design and game innovation. With the help of the interactive audio guide, participants will dive into a captivating mix of real and imaginary stories. The narrative calls the players to action about what is true and what is false and the it unfolds according to choices the players make. To experience the adventure, spectators need to wander around Place des Festivals with their cell phones and decode a series of visual puzzles that move the story forward.

To dive into the experience on-site, visit on your cell phone and plug in your headphones. Available in French, English or a text version for the hearing impaired during September 1st to October 15th.



Artistic team: Gina Hara, Tony Higuchi, Eileen Holowka, Lynn Hughes, William Robinson
Actors: Alex Dubois, Elkahna Talbi
Sound: Alain Thibault
Web: Renée Lamothe
Translation: Bérengère Marin-Dubuard

Thanks to TAG and Concordia University