Karaoke Invaders

interactive game installation
Singapore, Singapore

Karaoke Invaders was created during the Art Gaming Camp of the 2009 International Simposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA). It is a sound controlled fighting game, which refreshes the old SPace Invaders game with a new interface. And new interface means new game.

The game is played four players in two groups mostly resembling an art performance, while playing. The four players each use a different computer, which use the frequency and volume data to run the game:

Team 1 controls the spaceship, with one player driving with pitch and one shooting with volume. Team 2 generates the landscape by volume and colors it with pitch.

Karaoke Invaders was presented in the Singapore National Gallery for the ISEA audience and was one of the most highly rated and potent project.

Collaborators: Kian Peng Ong, Kanno So, Julian Togar