Artist of the month

The really cool, Montreal based InterFold magazine thought I am the artist of the month. Thank you guys!
Here is a little teaser from the article:

“Studying her masters in film production at Concordia, Gina has directed an impressive three short films that deal with issues surrounding loss, religion and psychology.Waning, Orison, and Rei, all fiction films, demonstrate Haraszti’s roots in the experimental film and video milieu.

In Waning, which screened at TIFF in 2011, vertical mattes dissect a static frame in various parts expressing different points in time simultaneously to tell an otherwise simple murder story. The overall effect is as visually stunning as it is chilling.  Orison, shot on black and white 16mm is an impressionistic portrait of a young scientist dealing with the death of his rabbi father. In this meditative film, images of a warm family home and mesmerizing cosmic animations (by Concordia’s Santiago Menghini) are cut alongside images of the protagonist in his stark science lab. In her most recent film, Rei, Haraszti shows a young recluse coping with loss.  In this film, the young filmmaker shows her directing abilities, drawing a believable and moving performance by lead actor, Amélie Robitaille. Still in its finishing stages of post-production, Reiwill most likely travel to festivals locally and internationally in 2013.”

Check the rest out on their handsome website:

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