Mariko, a.k.a. Gamerwife is a Montreal based geek lifestyle blogger.  For her website she often interviews ladies who make video games. Dames Who Make Games, as she calls it, has featured many people from QA tester to company VP. I was very honored when she asked me to join this illustrious list of women creators. Here is a little intro to the interview. If you are interested in reading the full post, please visit her blog GAMERWIFE. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="570"] Photo by Mattias Graham at GAMERella Game Jam 2014[/caption] "This edition of D


Some of my most talented friends are on a website called Patreon. It's basically a Kickstarter, but instead of giving one big sum of money you give $1-5 every month. If there are enough patrons, the artist gets a pretty decent salary and can focus on creative work. I think it's a genius website and just like any other creative person I dream of one day living off of my film/art work. So after some hesitation I created my own page. It is harder than it seams. You try to be cool and nice and YOURSELF, but at the same time it is important that you communicate your best

Orison World Premiere at VTIFF

The Vermont International Film Festival is hosting the World Premiere of my latest short Orison on October 27th, 2014 at noon in The BCA Center (135 Church Street, Burlington, USA).   The festival was kind enough to offer an hour long masterclass focusing on my nody of work as a filmmaker. The screening will be followed by lunch and Q&A. Beside my latest films, the screening will also include an older piece I made as my thesis project at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts: Tristan Reveur. This film will offer a light-hearted segment to the otherwise dark an

Article on A Bit Off the Top

I am giving a talk next week on the latest chapter of my research on Japanese nerd subcultures. I returned from Japan last month, where I started shooting my new documentary film. More info on the film here. For this occasion A Bit Off the Top online magazine made a very nice interview with me, please check it out the full interview here. "As a Millenial myself, I find Gina’s recent investigations into digital communities to be entirely relevant. Increasingly connected online, I sometimes feel alienated from my physical life. I wonder what that means for

Juror at the 40th edition of the Concordia Film Festival

The 40th edition of the Concordia Film Festival will be held in Montreal from the 2nd to the 4th of May. Highlighting the fortieth anniversary, this edition of the longest running university-level film festival in Canada returns with a spectacular showing of films from students disciplining in film production and film animation. Audiences will be greeted with nine screenings consisting of fictional, documentary, animation and experimental short films produced by the students of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. I was given the honor to be part of the illustrious

New Media – New Project

This March, I will be participating in NU Montreal think tank. It is a 3-day gathering in Montreal bringing together 30 new media makers to rethink and push the boundaries of meaningful experiences for the Millennial generation. I will be presenting the research base for a new transmedia project I have been working on for the last two years. This premier marks the beginning of a new, exciting endeavor crossing over three continents. A lot more on this will be coming after the presentation. Stay tuned and check out NU Montreal here.

Waning in Vermont

Waning (2011) will be screened at the Vermont International Film Festival on Friday, October 26, 2012 at noon in Burlington City Arts in Vermont. Based primarily in Burlington, VTIFF has earned a loyal audience for its annual presentation of groundbreaking films spanning the globe, especially films focused on the environment, human rights, and war and peace. More infor and tickets on their website at