HOWTO: Diversity and Inclusivity in Tech and Film Industries

For the last three years, I've been working with the Technoculture, Art and Games Research Center on an amazing summer game incubator: Critical Hit. We've always strived to create an inclusive, creative and safer space. Me and my co-directors Ida Toft and Jessica Rose Marcotte decided to summaries our findings in a talk at GDC. Our goal was to help people interested in running inclusive spaces either within game, film or other industry contexts. Watch the video of our panel below to explores how to attract diverse participants, manage the selection process in an inclu

November, month of awards

My last two films REI and ORISON are in full motion, screening at festival both in the States and in Europe. November has been especially lucky. I was honoured with three awards this month. Orison took home 2 awards: Golden Key Award from the Open Door Shortfilm Showcase and the Experimental Recognition Award from the IndieFEST. "We loved this short, the filmmaker is showing great understanding of the use of sound as well as image here. Creating a feeling of vast space, yet also intimacy in a portrait of the mind of a thoughtful man." -Open Door  

ORISON (2014) at World Arts Film Festival

  The annual World Arts Film Festival features Orison (2014) in their official section between October 15th and 17th, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. The festival brings diverse groups of filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds, including those with special needs, to meet and mentor each other and their audiences through this new venue. Created by individuals in New York, Los Angeles and Jacksonville, and supported by a growing network of advisors around the world, the festival is dedicated to a global message of inclusion through the arts and educa

MinDcraft at New Museum’s IDEA CITY FEST

MindCraft will be featured at the NEW MUSEUM's 2015 IDEAS CITY Festival in the Bowery neighborhood of downtown Manhattan from May 28 to 30, 2015. IDEAS CITY explores the future of cities around the globe with culture as a driving force. Founded by the New Museum in 2011, it is a major collaborative initiative between arts, education, and civic organizations centered on the belief that culture is fundamentally and inextricably vital to urban growth and innovation. The theme of this year’s Festival is The Invisible City. MindCraft is a multimedia installation that

Your Place or Minecraft?

Through my work at the Technoculture, Art and Games Research Center at Concordia University, I am participating in this first-of-its-kind academic conference geared towards researchers studying the video game Minecraft (Mojang, 2009). Because of its open-ended format, multiple play styles, creative possibilities, and even its practical uses in education and architectural planning, Minecraft has attracted a huge and diverse audience. The game has also has proven to be an extremely rich source of scholarly engagement, and its possibilities for research are only in the fi


Mariko, a.k.a. Gamerwife is a Montreal based geek lifestyle blogger.  For her website she often interviews ladies who make video games. Dames Who Make Games, as she calls it, has featured many people from QA tester to company VP. I was very honored when she asked me to join this illustrious list of women creators. Here is a little intro to the interview. If you are interested in reading the full post, please visit her blog GAMERWIFE. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="570"] Photo by Mattias Graham at GAMERella Game Jam 2014[/caption] "This edition of D


Some of my most talented friends are on a website called Patreon. It's basically a Kickstarter, but instead of giving one big sum of money you give $1-5 every month. If there are enough patrons, the artist gets a pretty decent salary and can focus on creative work. I think it's a genius website and just like any other creative person I dream of one day living off of my film/art work. So after some hesitation I created my own page. It is harder than it seams. You try to be cool and nice and YOURSELF, but at the same time it is important that you communicate your best